Little Person Living a Large Life

All of us, even those without any type of legally-accepted disability, can fall prey to self-defeating thinking by focusing on what we can't do and comparing ourselves to others.

I was born in Boston, Massachusetts. I earned my degree at Providence College in Rhode Island and moved to Los Angeles the summer after. I spent six and a half years working in the entertainment industry, before moving back to the east coast in order for me to live closer to my family.

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Most recently I worked at CBS, where I assisted with the casting of pilots and television series produced by CBS Television Studios. Prior to this I spent five years working at Creative Artists Agency, a prominent entertainment and sports agency working in Entertainment Marketing. There I assisted in strategic partnerships, representation and product integration of corporate clients such as Coca-Cola, Delta, eBay, Harley-Davidson, Mattel, Moet & Chandon, Starwood Hotels, and V Australia. I was also responsible for monitoring the competitive landscape on behalf of all our clients. After two and a half years in the Entertainment Marketing Department, I moved to Comedy Touring where I provided support in preparation of client tours and other live comedy engagements. In addition, I’ve served as the Marketing Director and Co-Founding Board Member of the Catalina Film Festival. There I coordinated film festival submissions, fundraising events, online auctions, sponsorship, and ticketing, along with creating a social media campaign to build awareness for the Catalina Film Festival. This festival benefits both filmmakers and the Catalina Island Conservancy.

I was born an achondroplastic dwarf, which means that I have an “average” height torso but shorter arms and legs. I stand 4 feet tall. Both of my parents and older sister are “average” height. My parents always taught me to stay positive no matter how harsh the outside world may be. I grew up participating in sports such as sailing, skiing, soccer, and swimming, just like everyone else my age. 

As a little person, I’ve adapted to living in an “average” height world every day. Since there are only 30,000 little people living in the United States, whether I’m driving in my car, with pedal extensions, or walking down the street, there’s always someone who’s going to be curious in my presence. I’m passionate about finding a way to change how little people and all people with disabilities are perceived in the media, since the media ultimately influences the opinions of society as a whole. People with dwarfism are able to do everything average height people can, which includes but isn’t limited to riding bikes, playing sports, driving cars, traveling, along with having fulfilling careers and families. We just may need a stool or simple accommodations. Real disabilities come from attitudes. All of us, even those without any type of legally-accepted or visible disability, can fall prey to self-defeating thinking by focusing on what we can't do and comparing ourselves to others. I strive to educate and motivate all people to establish goals and work hard to accomplish them. “Anything Is Possible!”

Through motivational speaking I encourage people to change their initial negative perceptions of people with physical differences by proving that we're as capable as anyone else.

To date, my speaking engagements have primarily focused on academic settings, from elementary schools through the college and graduate school level. Videos of these presentations can be viewed on my website. I am also available to speak at corporate events and conferences.

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