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I'm a native of Corning, New York, who now lives in Cape Coral, Florida, with my wife, Camilla, our daughter, Elica, and son Trey.  As an infant, I contracted polio that stunted my growth and left mewithout the full use of his legs. But despite that, and perhaps because of it, I was driven to excel in physical competition against so-called able-bodied people. 

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Imagine being 5-foot-2 and playing professional baseball. And not just playing, but also   managing, coaching, scouting, owning a professional barnstorming team that toured the country, and traveling Europe as a representative of Major League Baseball. And along the way, he nearly got “the call” to the major leagues as a pitcher.

Now imagine doing it all on crutches due to polio.

"The Dave Clark story is likely the greatest "mostly unknown" professional sports account of our time and teaches unforgettable life lessons that gives hope to anyone facing a challenge whether large or small."  - Doug Cornfield

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