Forgiveness and Regret: The Rae Carruth Case 10 Years Later

Incredible story about life and forgiveness!


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I remember when this happened and it is enlighting to the hear the results of this tragic story. The young man should be an inspiration to everyone. The grandmother has forgiven the persons responsible for this senseless act and that in itself is remarkable. Forgiveness is a beautiful thing for hate will destroy you. Very empowering story!!!
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This story is beyond words for me. I think the grandmother has shown herself as a great individual with her ability to forgive. In this instance - hate would be easy and no one would fault her. However, she chose a different path and hopefully that path inspires others so tragedies such as this don't repeat itself.
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remarkable! when the spirit is stronger than the body it will rise up and take over and it will surprise you how far it can push you to go.