I Can't Hide From My Conscience

My story is about shopping at Home Depot, exciting right? I was shopping for materials to finish my basement. With five beautiful children, I was on a tight budget. So the entire time picking items, I was calculating things in my head as precisely as I could.  By time I got to the cashier, I had things pretty well figured out.  The cashier scanned the items and to my pleasant surprise I was $80.00 under my budget. I got to my car happy about being under budget but puzzled on where I went wrong with my calculations.  After loading the supplies into my car, I scanned the receipt to find out where I went wrong. I quickly realized that the cashier charged me for only one of the 2 by 4's instead of the group. I stood there with the receipt in my hand contemplating to go or not to go back into the store.  Why go back?  The error was not my fault.  Why should I have to go back in Home Depot and make this right? Who cares they are a billion dollar company and they won't miss my $80.00.  While processing my thoughts, I realized that even though Home Depot or anyone may never find out about the mistake, I can't hide from my conscience.  I knew if I didn't go back into Home Depot and have them ring up the rest of the 2 by 4's, it would eat at me internally so I returned back into the store and had them correct my purchase.  I told myself, "wow I must be stupid" but I went to bed with a clear conscience.  However, I did get a discount!

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