My Innocence Lost

Tiny Thoughts, high hopes;

Older man, secret gropes.

Trusting the world, feeling secure;

Loss of control, stealing the pure.

Candy, Barbie dolls, playing house; Touching young girls, instead of your spouse.

Getting Older, thoughts became confusing; Knows he should, but can't stop abusing.

Betrayal, anger, self-hate; Touching me while you masturbate.

Tied by blood, am I still supposed to love you;Somebody save me, I don’t know what to do.

All trust gone, living in hell; No one can know- don't ever tell. 

He continues his life-gets off scott free.A life of doubt, lost love, and fear is what's in store for me.

He died with the apology he never gave. Little did he know he buried my innocence in his grave.

Why would he do this? Did he consider the cost? A life forever ruined - ? My Innocence Lost.


Crystal Anitta Davis's picture

This is a heartfelt story...written so beautifully from this poet's soul. I felt each word deeply.