A Single Mother is a Hero

A single mother has to deal with so many insecurities and pain.  She has to watch her children go without and wonder why her.  A single mother has to deal with judgment of others instead of the understanding from others.  As if a single mother dreamed of having a family without a father.  A single mother forces herself to sleep knowing that her child or children must go without.   A single mother has to live with anguish that her best may not be good enough. A single mother must endure the insecurities of the father/s of her child/children does not want anything to do with her anymore and at times the father wants nothing to do with the children they bore together.   A single mother must bare the deep pain of her children’s broken spirit.  A pain that travels through the body from the bottom of her feet to the end of her longest strand of hair.  The pain penetrates deep into her soul.  A single mother’s soul is tormented each day as a she has to say no to her children each day  to ensure her children's basics needs are met.  At times those basics are not met.

A single mother must continue to juggle her feelings as well as the feelings of resentment and anger from her children because she can't spare $5.00 for their school field trip.  The stress levels of a single mother are insane; the single mother ages more than most women taking on the stresses of raising children alone.  A single mother's soul dies a little each day as she watches her child miss out on the the basic needs such as a love.  A single mother lives with all of this pain, but still reaches deep within her soul to work one more day to provide one more day, to love unconditionally one more day.  A single mother wakes up each day with the weight of the world on her shoulders but continues to take the necessary steps to provide one more day.  A single mother has to feed the mouths of many but only has the money to feed one.

A single mother is one of the most creative people in the world as she has figured out how to feed and shelter their kids with only $20.00 in the bank for the rest of the week. A single mother bares the sadness and heartbreak of having to tell their kids no, over and over again.  A single mother is the one who takes that walk of shame to their bedroom not to rest their head, but to cry their pain away. The pain of feeling like a total failure because of their broken family. A single mother goes to work hard knowing no matter how hard she works it will not be enough, but still finds the strength each day to give her best.  A single mother slowly walks up the stairs to her room with an empty stomach accepting the fact she only has enough to satisfy her children.  A single mother continues to wrestle feelings of shame, sadness and depression that comes looking for the answer to what went wrong.

A single mother has a bad day but still faces the pressures raising the children alone she cannot take a break the children still have to be fed, clothed, and sheltered.  Time for herself is a distant dream because a single mother must continue to provide for one more day. A single mother puts her personal needs and dreams aside to fight one more day, to provide one more day, and  to love unconditionally one more day.    A single mother does not talk about courage or strength she lives it out daily.  A single mother displays it everyday in her personal sacrifice for her children. A single mother, a hero, resides in every city, state, and nation and a single mother is a hero!

For all the single fathers, simply replace mother with father and she with he and its a fit!

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