Story of an Immigrant living through Nazi Occupation & World War II

We hope you enjoy the World War II stories of Klaske Starke as she describes growing up and living through the Nazi Occupation.   She shares her and her family amazing story of courage, horror and fear during the Nazi Occupations.  Her Story will give you chills!

Video Interview Part I Describing her child hood and the beginning of the Nazi Occupation

Video Interview Part II  Describing the horrors and fears living through Nazi Occupation

during World War II Describing the Germans seizing her father from her home.

Video Interview Part III Describing how her uncles risked his life to save Jews and Her father surviving extreme conditions

Video Interview IV Describing the food situation and dealing with Nazi's Collaborators and pressures of hiding Jews into her home

Video Interview Part V Describes the pressures of keeping your mouth shut and dealing with deep religious beliefs during war time

Video Interview VI Describing the end of the Nazi Occupation and treatment of Nazi's Collaborators - A story of courage and perseverance

Video Interview Part VII Thanking her for sharing her powerful story living through the Nazi Occupation


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Your story gave me chills, I read and heard alot about World War II through school and books but to hear it first hand from someone who lived through it. What a courageous family. Your story helped me in so many ways, I was feeling like a victim over my temporary circumstances and when I listen to her story I realized how blessed I truly am!
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Thank you so much for sharing. May your legacy live on!
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Your Mother's family was truly amazing. This story gave me a new outlook on what happened to the non-Jewish people during the War. Thank you so much for sharing your story.
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Thank you for sharing this story; your mother is an amazing woman. Stories such as this give history so much more meaning because it's an individual and intensely personal viewpoint. My grandfather was in North Africa during WW2 and he refused to speak of it to anyone and my great-uncle died on the Burma-Siam railway - stories that now will never be heard.
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Thank you for sharing my mother's story. It uplifted our family since my mom has pneumonia. When I showed my mom the website and video, it lifted her spirits to know that she could share a piece of history. The story of my mother's past affirms that despite circumstances, happiness can be found during the most trying of times. My brother, Anthony Starke, who is an actor and most recently played the role of Steve Tanner on Make It or Break It on the Family Channel and is currently being filmed in the hit show for teenagers Shake It Up on Disney was so excited about our family history being shared, he is passing the website along to everyone he knows. Share Your Story can bring a person out of a moment of despair by either connecting with others who have the same struggles, or learning from obstacles faced by those who had to endure more hardship to overcome them. By sharing our stories, we begin to see the common thread that runs through us all, no matter what background or demographic in which we fall. This common thread helps us unite and makes us stronger as a whole. Shared Story allows our family to give our mother a place in history as well as help people fill in the gaps of history of which they were unaware, giving the forgotten heroes a platform to be remembered.
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I thought I would watch in parts but instead found it very interesting and watched the whole thing. Thank you for sharing. We need to keep hearing these stories.
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The WWII era is a truly amazing time in our global history. There is so much to learn from the atrocities that people endured along with the heroism that ensued. I absolutely loved listening to these stories as they helped me remember my own grandfather who served in WWII. He brought back fragmented stories as he did not like to share much of what he saw and had to do. To me, this is true history - not something you can ever pick up in a book or see on T.V.