Sweet Little Angel

Sweet little angle of mine,I wish it wasn't your time,You had so much to accomplish, so much to do. Only if our family hadn't lost you.

We have so many memories so many laughsBut now it's gone and all in the past.Everyday I miss you and have so much to say.But now your gone and you chose not to stay.

Many times I wonder "what if we talked"?Maybe you wouldn't had to take that long walk.At night I'm up always thinking of you.Wondering if you knew how much I loved you too.

I might have made you mad. Trust me, I understand. I just wish you had giving me a call. Maybe our family wouldn't had to go through this all. 

There are so many memories and secrets I still hold,Knowing that I was the one who you always told.You always knew how to make me feel so good.You were always there when no one else would.

You will always be a special person in my heart,I'm really upset, cu z how we're apartwe were inseparable from birth,But now your gone, you're not even on the earth.

Day and Night I miss you soEveryone wishes that you didn't go. No one to talk too, no one to care. I can't believe you're not going to be there. 

The only time we can talk is in my dreams, but things just aren't right it seemscause you aren't here don't you see. I wish you were cause you complete me

No more tears to shedFor all the memories are still in my headFilled with laughter, filled with glee.Filled with memories of you will always be with me.

No more seeing who was better,No more running through the rainy weather.Now my life is filled with pain.But respect for others is what I gained

You were my lucky, you were my star.I always loved you for who you are.Just because you're gone, don't mean you have to endCause the memory of you will last, my best friend

At your funeral, I said "I love you, that's all I have to say,For once I'm gone be with you some day."those words will last for the rest of my time,For I love you sweet little angel of mine.

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