Tiny Setbacks, Major Comebacks

When I was younger I never really believed in cliches like "Everything happens for a reason.' or "When one door closes another one opens.', but ironically that has been the story of my life.

My name is Corin 'Tiny' Adams. I am a 26 year old Professional Basketball Player, Certified Physical Education Teacher, and one of the best Comeback-ers ever lol.

Throughout my short time here on this earth, I have been through A LOT. No matter what I tend to go through though, I always find a way to prosper!

I was born in Brooklyn, NY on November 26, 1988. Raised in Brooklyn as well, I graduated from James Madison HS and went on to have an illustrious career at Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD. Highlighted by having my jersey retired at Madison and breaking a numerous amount of records at Morgan State, basketball has been a dream come true for me. I have played professionally in Puerto Rico, Portugal, Bosnia, Bulgaria, and Sweden. 

When I look back at my journey it really is still surreal to me that I have achieved all these great things in life via basketball. Initially when I picked up a ball at the age of 7, I was just trying to do what my cousins and brother were doing. Going to college, becoming a 'living legend' and traveling the world was something I NEVER imagined!

As great as my resume is, at any moment I could've lost out on those same opportunities due to my ignorance. One thing that has always got me over the hump is my passion and belief in myself. There were a lot of things I didn't know about, and there are things to this day I still have no clue about, but one thing I do know- is how to make a plan, and execute it. No matter what cards I'm dealt or what odds are against me, as long as I believe in myself I feel I've won half the battle already. For those of you reading this - NEVER EVER doubt yourself. It doesn't matter how many times you fail or how you fail. If you work HARD and work SMART you can honestly do just about ANYTHING you want!

To most people I'm extremely successful, and at the same time they have no clue just what I've been through or what I had to do to get to this point. I went through a lot of bull sh*t and heartbreak along the way. Some of my setbacks include: losing a scholarship to Syracuse University, being ineligible when I got to Morgan State University, losing my biological brother and father, being released by professional teams, facing career ending injuries, getting scammed out of money by people who took advantage of how bad I wanted to play pro ball, being overlooked because of politics and lack of exposure and many other heart breaking situations. There were many nights I drowned myself in tears, but I'm forever grateful for my experiences. At the same time I always wished there was someone who could've helped me along the way. Whether they helped me get through it faster or even just helped me avoid the situation completely, I just wanted someone to help me. Although I enjoy being independent and being able to say I did it by myself or my way - things would've been a lot easier had a had some help! I probably could've achieved even more! To you guys reading this, NEVER be afraid to ask questions or ask for help! That can be one of your biggest mistakes. Even if you don't use the help you ask for, at least give your self that choice. 

Those feelings of betrayal, hurt, and disappointment are one of the primary reasons why I decided to release my auto-biography this summer. I want to be able to help people avoid the hardships I have - by in fact learning from my mistakes. I know how it feels to be ignorant to some situations and just not know what you should do. From going through that personally, I know exactly how it feels. As a passionate dream chaser, if I can help someone avoid a 'setback' I will! My book won't just be for the basketball playing audience, my book will be for any one with a dream. My motto and theme of this book campaign is to simply '#DreamMore'. Dont limit yourself to anything. If theres something you want to do, do it!

In addition to playing basketball I spend my time: coaching, teaching, mentoring, training, and inspiring people of all ages worldwide. I'm a rookie at this SharedStory stuff but I really hope this post has helped someone....

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