We are a group of social entreprenuers that has a deep purpose to make a positive difference in the world. We exist because we want to unite, inspire and encourage the world by sharing stories.  

OUR PASSION: is the simplest platform in the world to share your story. We provide the community for you to share your most intimate stories to help people throughout the world!


Where do we see SharedStory going in the future? SharedStory is a community where people can easily share and read stories; SharedStory collects stories from all over the world, even from the most primitive and remote areas of the world.  We see trillions of stories from billions of people sharing the experiences, triumph, trials, and tragedies. The stories are in picture, written, audio, and video format. SharedStory is a collection of some of the most powerful stories ever to be told!All of the stories serving the vision to unite, inspire, and encourage people throughout the world.  

How can you join to this world changing Vision?

  • Share your story
  • Become a SharedStory Collector
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  • Invest into the Vision
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Everyone has a story to tell and someone who needs to hear it!

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