Dave Clark Foundation

Dave is a native of Corning, New York, who now lives in Cape Coral, Florida,

with his wife, Camilla, their daughter, Elica, and son Trey.

As an infant, Dave contracted polio that stunted his growth and left him without the full use of his legs. But despite that, and perhaps because of it, he was driven to excel in physical competition against so-called able-bodied people. 

The Dave Clark story is likely the greatest "mostly unknown" professional sports account of our time and teaches unforgettable life lessons that gives hope to anyone facing a challenge whether large or small.

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Baseball is a sport of inspiration. Dave Clark is an ambassador for baseball through his courage and persistance. It's very obvious the love he has for this game, the people involved, and he believes in its' never ending hopes that baseball provides for our souls. If we can learn something from Dave, it's that we all have success within us. If inspiration is a attribute that can be learned, then what is it that stops most from reaching it path? Granted, some of us may have a few more hurdles along the way, but that only makes the end result that much sweeter.


Today Dave is a Motivational Speaker, Coach, Scout, Broadcaster, and host of Disability Dream & Do (D3) events.  Dave wants to continue to help children through out the world live the dreams.

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