United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Kansas City

Our MissionThe mission of UCP of Greater Kansas City is to positively affect the quality of life for people with disabilities and their families by providing supports which enhance interdependence within the community.

Our Vision

We envision a life without limits for people with disabilities, where everyone enjoys access to quality healthcare, housing, education, meaningful work, and all the fullness and enjoyment of the community.

Our Past

In the fall of 1946, four mothers of children with cerebral palsy started planning for an organization where parents and interested persons could get together.  On April 29, 1947, the first meeting was held, and by the end of that year, a constitution and bylaws were adopted for "C.P.P.C. (Cerebral Palsy Parents Council) of Greater Kansas City." In 1951, this group was invited to join united Cerebral Palsy Association, Inc.  and incorporated in November 1952, as the United Cerebral Palsy Association of Greater Kansas City, Inc.For more than 60 years, UCP of Greater Kansas City provided an array of services, including: 

  • purchasing diagnostic services, therapy, and assistive devices (e.g. corrective shoes, wheelchairs, braces),
  • providing day care and infant development programs,
  • creating a social / recreation club for disabled adults,
  • referring to and advocating for services, and
  • offering community living support services for adults.

Thank you for your interest in UCP of Greater Kansas City.  Since 1952 our organization has provided support services to promote "life without limits" for people with all types of disabilities.