Christopher's Haven

Why I started Christopher's Haven:

When I was getting treatment for cancer I would see family members literally loitering around the hospital lobbies sleeping where they could.  I would ask them why don’t you go some where more comfortable.  They would reply back we have no where to go hotels are either to far away or to expensive. I thought to myself wow, we have these amazing facilities to fight cancer but know where to put the supporting families.  So I said to myself what we don't need is a lobby or weigh station but a HOME a true HOME for kids to heal!

So, I threw all my talents and skills I learned over the years into creating Christopher's Haven, a apartment complex that takes an entire floor.  We officially opened in 2006 with a full common area, each area has a kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms but there is a common room each family has to come together. 

So all the families that are going through this incredibly hard time must come together in the evening so the families and the children batteling cancer never have to fell alon. I the hime so they don’t feel alone. Cancer Patients and loving families now have a community area where they can hang out together in the evenings. 


About Christopher’s Haven

We have been open for 8 years and we have house over 200 families.  All of the children have had deep brain tumors, some sort of spinal ocular medical stoma or some type of terminal cancer.  Along the journey the families have been told by doctors that their child has terminal cancer.  We are happy to say out of 235 families we have only lost 6 kids.  That's what makes Christopher's Haven special it's not only the treatment that is helping it is the community of people healing together.  Our home is a place for families to draw patience the strength to fight.  I have some many moms tell us they could have not done it alone and it was not for Christopher's Haven they don’t believe their child would be alive.  We have created a home where you keep the "heal on" not like motels where you leave the light on.  Christopher's Haven has been becomes a place of unity for children fighting cancer and we really have become of home for healing!  

Families now have strength of many instead of one at Christopher's Haven


Christopher’s Haven is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides housing for families who bring their child to Boston’s Mass General Hospital for Children and the Dana-Farber/Children’s Hospital Cancer Center for cancer treatment.  However we understand Cancer does no play by the rules and it affects children globally.  

We are looking for purpose driven people who are on a committed mission in ending pediatric cancer.  We need peoples to help build Christopher's Haven at every cutting edge pediatric cancer centers around the world.  Yes we need capital but we also need people who want to understand and help grow our important vision!  

You can sponsor suite for year for $45,000.00 and name the suite with your corporation!

Or help bring this global vision alive contact Dan Olsen directly at [email protected]