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As an infant, Dave contracted polio that stunted his growth and left him without the full use of his legs. But despite that, and perhaps because of it, he was driven to excel in physical competition against so-called able-bodied people.

Dave had a school field trip that required walking and Dave was distraught because he new he was going to hold the class back.  The day of the field trip a 7 year old kid brought a wagon to help Dave move along, it change his life forever and now Dave wants to help others pull each other along.

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The mission of D3 is to generate awareness for over 50 million Americans living with disabilities by highlighting their potential and accomplishments while acknowledging the impact on their lives by others ― including family, friends, physicians, nurses, therapists, educators and varied influential persons involved in their care and development. The presentation of the "Dave Clark Pulling Each Other Along Award" at each D3 event honors the notable contributions of those who have helped others achieve their dreams under exceptional circumstances.


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Help Dave Clark reach his goals to get infront of the world to help people achieve their dreams.  You can learn more about getting to speak at your event by clicking link below: