Traveling Total Treatment

Anka Starke, President of the Corporation, was a previous owner/partner of AB Chemical, Inc. which at the end of the first four years of business was doing $4,000,000.00 per year in Sales.  Anka became interested in making a difference in the lives of people and went on to work for Thresholds Rehabilitation Industries as a Marketing/Account Executive promoting remanufactured toner cartridges produced by people with severe mental illness and solidified new and profitable national sales agreements with several key customers: Marsh and several law firms including Sonnenschein, Nath, and Rosenthal; and Kirkland and Ellis which are two of the top law firms in the country.  She went on to become Sales and Marketing Director of Opportunity, Inc., an employer of people with developmental disabilities.   Over the last couple of years, Anka has worked with many organizations to gather information, work toward solutions, and develop partnerships to advance services in the area of health care, wellness, and prevention specific to the needs of low income, underinsured-uninsured people.  Some of the organizations with which she has collaborated are the National Latino Education Institute; Hispanic Housing Development Corporation; the Chicago Urban League; Goodwill; Community Assistance Programs; United Way; the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce; and Lake County Workforce Development.   She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications/Marketing/International Business from Western Illinois University.


Traveling Total Treatment

Brining a Personal Touch to Outreach Programs 

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About Us  Traveling Total Treatment (TTT) is a not-for-profit 501c3 member organization that will  produce and organize information sites about an array of low cost or free health care, wellness, and social services to low income, and or uninsured- underinsured residents of Lake County, IL.   The information will be provided to the individuals by consultants made available by  health, wellness, and social service providers (members of TTT) who travel on a regular schedule among a group of established Lake County neighborhood sites (rooms or space).  The advantage to clients/residents is that they will have at no cost to themselves, a regular and reliable source of information on needed health care, wellness, and social services that are available to them provided in their neighborhood.  TTT will be a well organized, professional neighborhood outreach program for agencies and providers that will better connect them to those in Lake County who are in need and whom providers are trying to reach.    Overcoming Obstacles to Communication  The vast amount of information that the internet provides can make understanding and accessing assistance programs difficult, especially for those who do not have a computer, are uneducated, and may have a language barrier. Due to limited funding, assistance programs are often understaffed, hindering our ability to answer questions in person.  Our clients can be left at the mercy of e-mail and voicemail.   Without adequate and timely access to programs, individuals can end up relying on emergency rooms; draining personal assets and funds; hungry; homeless...further exacerbating the economic crisis.   Health and wellness organizations end up losing millions of dollars because services are rendered before clients have been approved for government services such as Medicare and Medicaid.


Traveling Total Treatment holds a bright future in serving the worlds needs.  We are in the process of securing donations and investors to build our first Pilot in Lake County Il.  If you are instrested or know of someone looking for a deeper purpose to serve,  Please contact Anka Starke at 773-842-6086 [email protected]