Life Goes On

By: Jenna Jester

They always said that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. My parents are the type of people who would do anything to help someone. And, that’s why I think I’m so much like them both. But, when something dramatic happens to either one of them, you try and think about how you can fix and if you even can.

About four years ago, I truly thought I was going to have to live my life without my dad. He had diverticulitis, and that’s where your colon ruptures and everything gets in your system; to make things worse, he never knew he really had it. His father had it, but whenever he went to the doctor they always told him that he was too young to even come close to getting/having it. And, when I got that phone call that he was driving himself to the E.R, it changed my life forever.

He had to undergo emergency surgery, and when I got there, he still was going on 6 hours. What shocked me the most, was when I got the call, I was with my friends. But, my dad just said he had to be rushed to the hospital and just have a good time and that he loved me. Well, knowing that your dad is driving himself to the hospital is never good, but knowing you can’t even be there with him is even worse. Later that night, my mom came and got me and went straight to the hospital.

When me and my mom walked into those doors, and saw everyone, we cried. My brothers and sisters were already there because they were in the car when my dad was driving himself to the hospital. Nine hours later, my dad was finally out. It had been about 10 o’clock and we finally got to see him. I remember so vividly, walking into his room and he just looked so helpless; lying in his bed with a breathing machine and all swollen because of everything. I just cried, we all did. We didn’t know what else to do, my brother and sisters and I could spend the night, but only my mom did. My aunt took us home with her, and we didn’t really sleep much. All we wanted to do was to see our dad, because even the doctor thought he wasn’t going to make it out.

When we got there the next morning, all I could think about was whether my dad was okay or not. Thankfully he was fine, and the breathing machine had gotten taken out. My mom had already been there, and so it was just me, A.J. and Julia that were there also. My older sister Hailey had been in Whitewater for basketball and no one had told her, and that was driving my mom crazy. So, that night when she had got home, my mom went straight to the hospital and was explaining everything to her.

My dad had spent all together a month in the hospital, going back for two more surgeries. He doesn't remember half of the things that were happening, but the things he says he does remember, he won’t ever forget. For my dad to have to go through something like that, and still be as strong as he is today, is so humbling. He doesn't put anyone down, or try to make people feel bad for him, he lives his life like none of this had happened.

Everything in life is supposed to make you who you are today, stronger or weaker, it’s who you’ll be forever. One thing I take out of that experience, was trying to think about if I could or couldn’t live without my dad. To me he has to be the strongest person, and to still be so strong after everything, shows you how meaningful he knew his life was. 

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