Run with the Wind

Ainsley's Story Part 11

With Ainsley recently home from a three week stay at the Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters, and under two months until Team Hoyt Virginia Beach's (THVB) second annual destination trip to the Hoyt's house in Holland, MA, we were unsure if we were going to make the journey.  Nevertheless, her 10 year old sister Briley maintained optimism and continued to prepare physically to push Ainsley in their sixth 5K road race together.  Furthermore, in an effort to share the emotion of running with her sister, Briley wrote a letter that appeared on the front page of her elementary school newsletter.  Titled, “Run with the Wind”, Briley's story is of a sister's love and a miracle witnessed by thier parents.

Briley's Story

“Imagine this… You’re crossing the mile marker, marking the end of mile 3.  There is only 0.1 of a mile to go now!  Your heart pounds harder when you hear the distant sound of excited people cheering on the finishers.  Your legs feel like Jell-O.  Can you make it to the end, or will you crumble to the ground?  I need to stop.  I can’t do it!  Wait, what am I saying?  You ask yourself.  You’re doing great; don’t stop now!  Yes, you can!  You pick up the pace, entering a new realm of speed and strength with every step.

Now imagine… An innocent 8-year-old girl with a dystrophy making it impossible for her to ever walk or run.  She is sitting in a jogging chair, but you have been trusted to be her feet, so run like the wind!

Can you imagine this yet?  Well, I certainly can because I have done that before.  You see, my younger sister, Ainsley, is that little girl, and I am her legs!  Ainsley and I often go to local races and run together.  So far I have pushed her in five races.  My dad has done nearly 20 races with Ainsley, including the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC.  Even my little brother, Kamden, has found an interest in running.  So with my mom cheering us on the whole way, it has really become a family hobby.  Running is something special that I love doing with my sister, and the huge smile on her face tells me that she does, too.  I think that you should start running too, and who knows, maybe one day you will run with the wind like us!

Who is Ainsley?

Ainsley does not talk or walk; she does not play for fun; but she smiles, while out for a run. An inspiration to thousands, she is an amazing little girl with a smile that will light up any room. Shortly after being diagnosed with an extremely rare progressive genetic nerve disorder called Infantile Neuroaxonal Dystrophy (INAD), Ainsley completed the Surfer's Healing Virginia Beach 5K road race. Her first of many running-aided, wind-induced smiles took our family's collective breath away as she received her finisher's medal and became an official Team Hoyt Virginia Beach ATHLETE! 

Ainsley's Angels Story Continued Part 12:

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