Story Collector

We are looking for Story Collectors to help unite, inspire and encourage the world by sharing stories! A Story Collector is a person who is able to relate to people and collect people's stories and use those stories to help people throughout the world.  As one of the founders of SharedStory, I consider myself to be a Story Collector. Who is a Story Collector?  A story collector is considered by others worthy of sharing their personal story or stories.  People consider story collectors trustworthy, great listeners and feel comfortable to share their unique story.  Story collectors are the messengers of the world. They are constantly collecting stories and relating with others with their own stories. Click Here if you are interested to become a story collector.  

How do you know if you are a Story Collector?  Do people often tell you the following?

  • You're easy to talk to 
  • I can't believe I'm telling you this
  • Thanks for listening
  • I have never told anyone that before

Story Collector's often share their most vulnerable stories with others to give courage to others to share their stories. Story Collectors collect stories because we understand everyone has a story to tell and someone who needs to hear it!